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Lead Customer Experience Design – SAP Customer Experience Labs | SAP Customer Experience
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Kurzbeschreibung des Unternehmens

SAP Customer Experience unlocks a world of digital innovation, customer value and growth that builds trusted relationships between brands and customers. Delivered through its SAP C/4HANA integrated technology suite, it empowers businesses to manage the complete customer experience. It brings together customer data management, machine learning and microservices to power real-time, intelligent customer engagements across sales, customer service, marketing and commerce. SAP Customer Experience helps brands build long-term competitive differentiation and loyalty through experiences that are trusted, simple, personal, helpful, and connected to help customers achieve their goals. A core pillar of the Innovation Office, SAP Customer Experience Labs investigates emerging technologies to identify upcoming trends and apply them to new business models to inspire the future SAP Customer Experience product roadmap. As innovators, researchers, and concept designers, the team aims to: - INSPIRE their customers, colleagues and partners by building futuristic prototypes and innovative showcases that demonstrate the potential of SAP Customer Experience products. - Enable others to EXPERIENCE their ideas at events, in their showrooms, through pilot projects and co-innovation. - SHARE their findings and knowledge with their customers, partners, start-ups, students, colleagues and the entire SAP innovation ecosystem.

Welche Bedeutung hat die Digitalisierung für Deine/ihre Karriere?

Before and throughout her nine years with SAP Customer Experience, Anja has been an avid catalyst for user-focused digital transformation. Leveraging her expertise and enthusiasm for interdisciplinary design, she takes her astute observations of human-technology interaction and translates them into considerate, progressive initiatives. By questioning, creating, and communicating, Anja is instrumental to the processes that turn ideas into solutions. Leading Customer Experience Design for the Labs department, she helps define the vision and strategy for customer-facing products and services. This means researching emerging technologies and trends, developing innovative concepts, and bringing them to life through customer journeys and prototypes that inspire stakeholders. In particular, her latest projects utilizing blockchain to enable secure data sharing and decentralized digital identities has not only resonated with customers and partners, but also sparked collaborative action within the SAP community and should prove influential to the industry at large. For evidence, one need only observe Anja’s zealous thought leadership: as a speaker and content contributor for numerous major events, she makes knowledge exchange and open collaboration concerning digital experiences a top priority.

Warum bist Du/ist sie ein Digital Female Leader?

Anja is a Digital Female Leader because her passion for and commitment to innovation is purely contagious. Her multifaceted skills as a designer and creator not only make her an invaluable member to any ambitious endeavor, but her inherent drive and sense of accountability ensure success for tasks great and small. Anja is a champion at big-picture thinking, recruiting and motivating the best support system, and communicating her goals and vision for action. She’s also incredibly adaptable, willing to compromise and incorporate the ideas and preferences of others to reach a truly collaborative outcome. Finally, Anja is an outspoken and authentic advocate for her ideals and for her colleagues, especially when it comes to the visibility and inclusion of her female, minority, and junior counterparts. She humbly believes in the potential for technology to transform lives and leads towards that reality by delivering proficiency and inspiration.

Was Führung für mich/sie bedeutet

Anja defines leadership as “Leading by example, supporting others to be empowered to take on responsibility and strive for the best”.

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