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Data Marketplace Manager | HERE Technologies
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Kurzbeschreibung des Unternehmens

HERE Technologies is a global location intelligence company. 30 years ago, it was born to map the world. Its digital map pioneered the way people get from A to B – first in cars, then in browsers and phones. Now, it offers a broad spectrum of location-related products and services: from an HD map designed for autonomous driving to routing algorithms to tracking in logistics industry and smart mobility solutions. If you’ve ever checked in on Facebook or ordered anything on Amazon, you used our geo technology.

Welche Bedeutung hat die Digitalisierung für Deine/ihre Karriere?

I held my breath and took a deep dive into data world more than 7 years ago, and it still fascinates me. Data is all around us, and we often underestimate its power to describe, predict, guide our live and fuel our economy.

For a few years, my primary job was contract negotiations with state authorities, industry associations and businesses all over the world. It was about transparency on the automotive market where governments share car data.

Later, I switched to creating the most comprehensive and precise digital map in the world. A modern map is nothing else but a huge database with millions of visible and invisible elements. I was the channel for content flowing into our map from partners with very different level of digitisation – from most sophisticated IT systems to scanned sheets of paper as “data storage”.

Now I'm co-writing the success story of Data Marketplace at HERE - a platform designed for location data exchange at scale for innovative solutions in mobility, IoT, smart cities, etc. Data Marketplace allows businesses, authorities, research institutes and NGOs to join forces in shaping the way we move, work, build our cities, etc. I’m there to help this happen.

Warum bist Du/ist sie ein Digital Female Leader?

In 2018, 11 HERE employees applied to speak at Grace Hopper Conference – the largest Women In Tech conference in the world hosted in the US. All of them were rejected due to different reasons. Together with a few co-workers, I co-organised and drove the first global internal Women In Tech conference at HERE Technologies – a male-dominated IT company. We brought 21 female speakers on stage spanning Singapore, EMEA and North America. Two live locations in Berlin and Chicago and dial-ins from other sites attracted 200+ offline and 600+ online spectators which means every 10th employee attended the event – both men and women.

The rationale behind was quite simple: In the last few years, I’ve attended countless industry events. A lion share of speaker line-ups at meetups, conferences and trade shows are heavily male dominated. I wanted to create a safe environment where women would have an opportunity to shine on stage and share their expertise or stories. Also, I wanted to give HERE women a chance to connect with a broader female community and get inspired.

This year, we will have an even broader speaker palette including two additional live locations – one in India and one in Latin America and around 40 speakers.

As for the results, last-year speakers shared that this new experience boosted their confidence, granted more visibility within the company and even encouraged to speak at external events. Attendees appreciated not only nuggets of wisdom, practical advice but the great positive vibe as well.

Was Führung für mich/sie bedeutet

Great leadership makes you discover strengths you seemed not to have and achieve goals beyond reach.

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