Denise Wildner

Lead Design Thinking & Senior User Experience Designer | SAP Customer Experience
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SAP Customer Experience unlocks a world of digital innovation, customer value and growth that builds trusted relationships between brands and customers. Delivered through its SAP C/4HANA integrated technology suite, it empowers businesses to manage the complete customer experience. It brings together customer data management, machine learning and microservices to power real-time, intelligent customer engagements across sales, customer service, marketing and commerce. SAP Customer Experience helps brands build long-term competitive differentiation and loyalty through experiences that are trusted, simple, personal, helpful, and connected to help customers achieve their goals. A core pillar of the Innovation Office, SAP Customer Experience Labs investigates emerging technologies to identify upcoming trends and apply them to new business models to inspire the future SAP Customer Experience product roadmap. As innovators, researchers, and concept designers, the team aims to: - INSPIRE their customers, colleagues and partners by building futuristic prototypes and innovative showcases that demonstrate the potential of SAP Customer Experience products. - Enable others to EXPERIENCE their ideas at events, in their showrooms, through pilot projects and co-innovation. - SHARE their findings and knowledge with their customers, partners, start-ups, students, colleagues and the entire SAP innovation ecosystem.

Welche Bedeutung hat die Digitalisierung für Deine/ihre Karriere?

In her role as Design Thinking Lead and Senior UX Designer for SAP Customer Experience Labs, digitalization is both the realm of Denise’s expertise and the key driver of her engagements with colleagues, customers, partners, and peers. She has spent much of her career broadening, refining, and applying diverse skills – whether technical and conceptual (interface design and usability testing), visual and artistic (corporate design, creating wireframes, storyboards, backdrops, and logos), or collaborative and empathetic (evangelizing the user-first mindset through teaching and consulting). “As technology is pervading our lives more than ever,” Denise says, “I am aiming to make everybody aware of how important user experience is for making people’s live easier. A product which is easy to use will be preferred over others and will be bought more often. To achieve this awareness, I am giving talks about user experience, usability testing, and how to improve working in agile teams.” A true believer in lifelong learning, Denise fully understands the impact that digitalization has on our professional and personal lives, and deeply incorporates this knowledge to enable businesses and individuals to achieve their future-forward goals.

Warum bist Du/ist sie ein Digital Female Leader?

Denise embodies a Digital Female Leader because she resourcefully and proactively empowers herself and others with the “latest and greatest” tools at her disposal. She is well-versed in the methodologies and technological capabilities that drive success, and she is a master at uncovering innovative ways to use them. This shines through in her Design Thinking workshops and bootcamps, where she helps C-level decision makers and multifunctional teams ideate and pursue lean and agile innovation outcomes at breakneck pace. Denise is the type of leader everyone loves, because she is passionate about what she does, is open and able to work with a variety of different people, and knows how to motivate under any circumstance in order to make tangible progress. Rather than force her directives or preferences on others, Denise strikes the perfect balance of guiding and inspiring. Finally, she cultivates a culture of continuous improvement and knowledge sharing throughout her networks – building an engaging community around her focus areas and empowering her SAP colleagues as a (wildly) popular instructor and collaborator.

Was Führung für mich/sie bedeutet

According to Denise: “Leading by example gives me the possibility to use my knowledge and empathy to support others in bringing out the best in them, so that they are able to improve their skills and run their own business”.

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