Lina Wassong

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Kurzbeschreibung des Unternehmens

On the one hand I’m running my own studio where I organize and run creative technology workshops (for example for International Women's Day or for school classes) and explore new technologies for fashion and jewelry design as well as and writing books about electronics and programming (Licht & Spaß - ISBN 978-3958750371, Wearables mit Arduino und Raspberry Pi - ISBN 978-3960090236, Das Calliope Buch - ISBN 978-3864904684). On the other hand I’m the supervisor of the Interface Lab at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam where I lecture about physical computing.

Welche Bedeutung hat die Digitalisierung für Deine/ihre Karriere?

When combining fashion and technology, digitization is my tool to create complex, interactive designs. Creative software and digital fabrication let me explore the manufacturing process from a new perspective and open up endless possibilities. Integrated micro-controller turn each design into an interactive piece, which reacts to changes in its environment. For my career, digitization is the key to explore the aesthetics of technology.

Warum bist Du/ist sie ein Digital Female Leader?

Even though technology is everywhere, most women are not considering a career in computer science or engineering. With my work I’m pushing the boundaries and make technology more accessible and appealing. I’m introducing girls and women to basic electronics and teach them how to code. My goal is to empower these women and show them technology from a new perspective because we need more diversity in this field.

Was Führung für mich/sie bedeutet

Leadership is the responsibility to encourage and guide people as well as shaping our future for the best.

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