Wiebke Hurrelmann-Wieding

Senior Product Manager | HERE Technologies
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Kurzbeschreibung des Unternehmens

HERE Technologies is a global location intelligence company. 30 years ago, it was born to map the world. Its digital map pioneered the way people get from A to B – first in cars, then in browsers and phones. Now, it offers a broad spectrum of location-related products and services: from an HD map designed for autonomous driving to routing algorithms to tracking in logistics industry and smart mobility solutions. If you’ve ever checked in on Facebook or ordered anything on Amazon, you used our geo technology.

Welche Bedeutung hat die Digitalisierung für Deine/ihre Karriere?

What do you do if working with data, creating digital maps, mobile apps and a platform to foster talent mobility is not enough? Right, you build a robot. Or two. Or three.

Yes, Wiebke has three robots. She also codes in her free time. And volunteers in various projects and initiatives enticing women to move into STEM, learn coding or simply providing support to women in the tech industry. For the last 15 years, she has been in software development in a variety of roles: as a product owner, a scrum master, a team lead.

Speaking of robots, she once told me: You know, I cannot make people never toss cigarette stubs onto the street but maybe I can teach a robot to pick them up to keep our city clean.

Warum bist Du/ist sie ein Digital Female Leader?

There are two major reasons for me to nominate Wiebke for this award. For one, as Senior Product Manager at HERE, she is responsible for creation of Talent Platform – a tool transforming the way we work.

Talent Platform offers project-based opportunities across the company. Like any business, HERE operates with limited resources and searches for affordable ways to mobilise talent. On Talent Platform, everybody can create an opportunity for co-workers to join their project. This implies global access and horizontal mobility for employees. Temporary projects give HERE people a chance to explore new areas, pursue career aspirations, develop new skills or apply those underused in the current role without leaving the company. For instance, if I’m in developer interested in social media, I can apply for an opportunity offered by the marketing team and help them create content for the developer community. Volunteers are known to not only bring skills and expertise to the projects but contagious enthusiasm as well. This contributes to a great work environment.

Wiebke shapes and drives the development of Talent Platform. It was so successful that from a pure internal project, Talent Platform evolved into a stand-alone product now purchased by other companies.

The second reason to nominate Wiebke is the fact that she is my partner in crime in organising a global internal Women In Tech conference at HERE where we bring female talent on stage and let them shine as experts and narrators.

Was Führung für mich/sie bedeutet

Leadership means picturing a vision that unites everybody as well as analyzing: what is it exactly that a person or group needs right now in order to evolve and grow?

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