Jasmina Cehajic

Head of Product Management | Deutsche Telekom
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Short description of the company

Deutsche Telekom is largest European telecommunications company headquartered in Bonn. Our slogan is “Life is for sharing” & we are driving digitization by connecting our customers.

My organization connects Deutsche Telekom group to the Internet and to other telecoms in the world, to enable our customers to be online everywhere – now even in the sky.

Our enterprise products in particular enable our end customers to connect their offices world-wide and work digitally. On top of that, we are working on digitizing our product portfolio.

How does digitization shape your/her career?

Digitization enabled my career and made it possible to find a job internationally. My team is spread in 4 cities in 2 countries and that is the only way we can collaborate successfully is digital. Digitization is changing the way we hire, now focusing more of soft skills and building intelligent organizations, instead of building organizations focused on tasks & outputs. Digitization enables my development and career progress, as I am able to attend classes from world’s top Universities – from my living room. Finally, it creates convenience and leaves me more time to dedicate to my career.

What makes you/her a digital female leader?

I bring bold way of thinking to my organization, which is important for digital transformation that has much more to do with culture than with technology. I enjoy making things simple and translating complex information to my team and organization to make it easy to understand and follow. I am comfortable with uncertainty and not afraid to hand over the reins – empowering and inspiring other to take ownership and action. Besides my regular job, I am part of DT’s accelerator Uqbate, working on my startup idea and founding a digital platform for photographers.

What does leadership mean to you/her?

For me, leadership means taking action to create positive impact in organization and society by connecting people to one another and to an idea. It has nothing to do with titles but everything to do with influence and collaboration - everyone can be a leader by inspiring and motivating others. Effective communication, clear vision and goal setting are crucial components of leadership. Leading oneself is very important, as it takes lots of strength to say no to short-term joy for the benefit of long-term development and learning, as well as being able to reflect and find balance.

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