Nicaise Ishimwe

Applications specialist | Emovis Tech
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Short description of the company

I currently work as an Application specialist at Emovis technologies, a global company that designs and operates free-flow tolling systems and smart-mobility solutions. I am also the Irish Chapter Lead and Global Operations board member of Women in Tech Africa, an organisation that aims to create a pipeline of female technology leaders and role-models across Africa and beyond, by encouraging more girls to choose STEM fields and empowering women to support Africa growth through technology.

How does digitization shape your/her career?

Digitization and more broadyl information and communication technologies have played a crucial role in shaping my professionnal journey and my career today. In my early teenagerhood while studying in Rwanda (Africa), my passion for science, especially in Maths as well as my curiosity to understand and explore the potential of the then fast-growing internet and mobile technologies quickly convinced me to aim for a tech-orientated career. From Rwanda, Algeria and then France, I pursued engineering studies focusing on three main areas: wireless and wired communications, computer networking and software development, resulting in a degree in telecommunications and engineering at the French National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA Lyon). I have since hold various positions in the transportation industry, focusing on smart-mobility solutions. As software developer, technical consultant, QA engineer to now an application specialist. Hence digital technology is a key foundation and enabler to my career path.

What makes you/her a digital female leader?

For me a leader is a person who through their behaviour and actions inspires and drives many other people to act towards great accomplishments. Digital female leaders are thus girls and women who are either actors or role-models in inapiring, enabling or empowering other girls/women to embrace and nurture digital technology through their studies, careers or entrepreneurial actions. I consider for example women who are pioneers in building tech-powered solutions as digital female leaders as they serve not only as role-models to others, but also serve to break stereotypes on women's ability to lead digitally. I consiser women who are at the forefront of technology leadership in organisations as digital leaders too. I consider women who provide platforms for young girls to discover coding and tech as digital female leaders. I consider women who celebrate, empower and mentor other women in their organisations as digital female leaders. And the list can go on...

What does leadership mean to you/her?

Leadership is, through inspiring behaviour, words and actions, driving people to act for great achievements and leaving them a legacy to do the same.

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