Zimkhita Buwa

COO | Britehouse
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Short description of the company

Britehouse is a Division of Dimension Data. Britehouse provides industry leading digital solutions in SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Automotive, Advanced Analytics and Mobility. (https://www.britehouse.co.za/Pages/default.aspx)

How does digitization shape your/her career?

Digitization has played a key role in my career. I have spent the past fifteen years in various roles, however in most of these roles I have been directly involved in witnessing and advocating for how digitization not only changes lives but allows for organizations to establish new markets and has the potential to transform how they engage with their customers. I have experienced this throughout my career where I have assisted clients understand that Digital has unique qualities. Digital has also influenced the way that I lead as it has a direct impact on my team and their work. On a personal note, Digitization has opened doors for me...I have had opportunities to travel to the U.S. , Australia, Asia, etc. due to the improved access to information and access to global opportunities.

What makes you/her a digital female leader?

I am the Chief Operations Officer at Britehouse, a Division of Dimension Data. I am passionate about creating inclusive opportunities for young women from underserviced communities in the information technology industry. I am the founder of Techpearls (https://techpearlz.ning.com/) a global platform that provides valuable opportunities for Women in STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics). I hold an honours degree in Technology from the Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia. I have been awarded numerous awards and opportunities for my drive and work in the technology industry, including the MTN Women in Information and Communication Technology Awards where I was recognised for her professional and community achievements as an Outstanding Woman. I serve as a volunteer board member and director at Siliconcape (https://www.siliconcape.com) an organisation that promotes technology entrepreneurship in the Western Cape. I am also a member of the Advisory Board for Girlhype,a non-profit that empowers young girls and women in the ICT sector. I share my passion for digitization and creating an inclusive tech industry by speaking at various industry events and platforms, I.e Future Females, Girlhype, Code4CT, BeingBoss event, etc.

What does leadership mean to you/her?

Leadership is the ability to effectively create a platform where people can engage and where you, as a leader can inspire and provide direction towards a particular goal or a worthy cause. I recently delivered a talk on feminine leadership and the importance of adopting this leadership style to ensure a higher level of collaboration, creativity and innovation. Women do tend to adopt this type of leadership style which comprises of essential attributes such as empathy, compassion, patience and humility. I often say that I have picked up key leadership traits from being a mother, such as: • Investing time in your team reaps similar rewards to your child. The more time you spend with them, the more you understand what drives them, energises them and you begin to understand exactly how to support them. • Patience! I will be the first one to admit that this is still a development area for me! Allow the team to learn and make mistakes • Showing Vulnerability – My son is eight and he’s started asking some really intelligent questions. There are times where I’m forced to tell him I don’t know and I have been comfortable in knowing that it’s good for him to know that I don’t in fact know everything. This applies to all leaders, your team needs to understand that they are the experts.

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