Aufsteigerinnen / Rising Stars

Rising Stars

“Education is free!”; “You can be anything you want!”; These phrases suggest that getting a job is as easy as wanting a job. However, research shows that it does not always go this easily. Because it is not only money that is lacking, but above all a network, relevant role models, and the “right way to speak”. That’s why we’re looking for strong women in the digital industry who have successfully fought for themselves and climbed the ladder in the ‘rising stars’ category. This includes in particular those women who were the first in their family to build a career on their own. Does this apply to you? Then this category is the right one for you!

Why does P&G support the #Aufsteigerinnen category?

Socioeconomic diversity is an important issue for Procter & Gamble. We firmly believe that diverse teams produce better results. A clear commitment to an environment where everyone feels valued and everyone has a chance to achieve is an important part of our values. We believe that equal opportunity benefits the company and society – and that we need to work together to make an even greater impact. This year, we are pleased to support the Digital Female Leader Award in the category “Rising Stars” and to honor strong women for being role models in the digital industry.