Category Audience

Applicants of all categories have a chance to win the Audience Award. The winner will be determined in a two-week voting from 3th to 16th August 2020. The Global Digital Women Community will vote for its own “Audience Favorite” Whether “leader” or “young rising star” – in the end the community makes the decision.

DHL Consulting

Why do you support the category Audience as a sponsor?

One of the things we love the most about Global Digital Women is that it provides the opportunity to connect with people from different walks of life and get a new perspective on topics and themes. We always leave the Global Afterwork events inspired, with new ideas to test, and collaborations to follow up. Diversity only works if it is inclusive, if everyone feels empowered to speak up, to challenge, and to dream big. With that in mind, we’re sponsoring the Audience award because we want to know what the community thinks! What inspires them about this years’ nominees, and the impact their work has made.

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