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Category Global Hero

In the category #GLOBAL HERO we present women who follow diverse global goals and shape the world around them with their digital mindset. These women promote digital thinking, empower others around the world and act in an international setting.


Why does Telefónica support the category Global Hero?

Telefónica is a truly global telecommunication company with a presence in 24 countries and managing more than 336 million customer accesses. We are convinced that diversity is an unconditional precondition for business success. Especially in the technology sector it is important that more women take over management positions and contribute in shaping the digital future. Therefore, Telefónica Deutschland supports the category Global Hero at the Digital Leader Female Award. The award honors women that work – in very different ways – on digital topics and at the same time follow global goals. As Global Heros they are examples and role models for millions of women that use their skills and commitment to successfully shape our digital world.

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