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In the category “Lifestyle” we are looking for women who simply enrich our lives. Keyword: chic & glamorous – with fashion, with beauty, food and interior. You set trends here, provide inspiration and new impulses? Whether e-commerce or apps – digitization always offers exciting lifestyle offers and we are looking for you and your ideas!


Why does brands4friends support the DFLA in the Lifestyle category?

Smart women are a win for the digital economy. We need founders, designers, business leaders who promote digitalization. They already exist today. But we need more smart women. That’s why we support the DFLA. As the leading online shopping club for fashion and lifestyle, we are passionate about fashion, beauty, food and interior. The #LIFESTYLE category offers countless opportunities for digital ideas and skills. From the design of new clothes, through new ways to create fashion concepts, to pioneering sales ideas. We are looking forward to new impulses and look forward to the next Digital Female Leader.

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