Purpose Communications


Purpose Communications

Communication is undergoing constant change – Purpose Communication plays an increasingly important role in today’s world, as values such as sustainability & diversity play an ever greater role in marketing and communication. New communication models are being developed and collaboration is undergoing fundamental change. Not only with the keyword New Work, but also in connection with social media and print media, we are in the process of rethinking previous communication channels. Whether you are an entrepreneur with a new communications idea, an internal communications pioneer within your company or a media pioneer – in this category we are looking for female role models who are taking communications to the next level in their own way.


Why does P&G support the #Purpose Communications category?

We see it as our mission to build social trust and solve important problems. To this end, we are looking for Digital Female Leaders who will join us in addressing the issues around digital transformation, cyber security, data & analytics and technology alliances and lead the way to a digital future. In doing so, we want to cooperate in the professional world in an open and unbiased manner and strengthen the skills of each individual in the best possible way.

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