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The world is changing and we are facing major challenges. Yes, this is the fodder for many a soapbox; however, in everyday life we truly do need proactive thought leaders who give their all to make a difference. Women who are socially and civically engaged and who harness digitalization to do so. Who, at best, think superregionally, Europe-wide, or even globally. In other words, those who create added value for broad segments of the population. Are you leading a charitable project, or been instrumental in driving it forward? Have a project with an idea that will benefit your fellow human beings? Perfect – then you are the right person for this category!

Why does P&G support the category #Social Shero as a sponsor?

We see it as our task to build social trust and solve important problems. To this end, we are looking for digital female leaders who will join us in addressing the topics of citizenship, digital transformation, cyber security, data & analytics and technology alliances and lead the way to the best imaginable tomorrow. In doing so, we want to collaborate in an open and unbiased manner and help each individual to grow.