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University of. Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland
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aiNET is an ETH spin-off that supports the discovery of antibodies from billions of sequences and transforms precision diagnostics across diseases by using personalized immunity.

Warum fördert Dein Projekt / Startup die Digitalisierung?

aiNET uses digital large-scale networks and artificial intelligence to identify antibodies specific to antigens and detect biomarkers of disease. It helps doctors by promoting clinical decision support through digital applications. It allows the patient to be benchmarked for health versus self rather than an average.

Der DFLA und das Motto "Be bold, be brave, be you" stehen für neue Ideen und den Mut, die Erste zu sein. Wo bist du/seid ihr die Erste(n) und Vorreiterin(nen) für andere oder einfach nur mutig genug, du/ihr selbst zu sein?

I was a dean of master of medical informatics, a full professor of digital life sciences and founder of aiNET at the same time very early on my career. I was the first among colleagues to do all three successfully, and become meanwhile a first time mother. When I look back, I ask myself how it was possible. I would love to give hope by example.