Camilla Ottnad

Sr. Manager, DE AGS & ESM
Unternehmensart: Corporate
Mitarbeiterzahl: more than 5000
Land: Germany

Nominiert in der Kategorie: Digital Transformation

Beschreibung des Projekts / Startups

Status des Projekts / Startups:
Project / initiative is currently being realized / company has already been founded

Camilla was part of a small team in the Amazon Marketplace in EU to drive an early proposal to build an AI tool to support Sellers and Account Managers in their day-to-day. Aim is to help the entire organization with everyday tasks such as translating texts, formulating writeups, writing email blurbs, etc. to save time and substitute other externally used AI tools that bear a big risk of using confidential data. With a team of early adopters and AI enthusiasts, Camilla upskilled our teams and ensured awareness of everyone to identify use cases for GenAI and build best practices on prompting, collecting learnings from our Customers on their demand towards GenAI to circle back insights to our product and tech teams to enhance our internal LLM products. Even though she has no data/AI background, she was able to realize such a complex project and dive deep into the details of it. Camilla knows how to mobilize the right people and gain their stake, all working towards a joint vision to simplify our lives by thinking big! She is a female rockstar and for many of us a role model.

Welche konkreten Ziele gibt es für das Projekt? Welchen Impact hat es?

The goals of AI Tool are to save XY hours per week in tasks at work and to establish a trusted and data-secure AI tool for a daily use by Amazonians. Impact is time saving per week from the entire 3P organization in EU9.

Der DFLX24 steht unter dem Motto “Elevate the Game”, dieses Motto ist für all die mutigen Frauen, die nicht nur die Wirtschaft beeinflussen, sondern die Spielregeln neu schreiben. Wie hebst du/ihr mit deinen/euren Ideen und Visionen unser Zusammenleben?

She influences the game by her iron will and discipline while shes still spreading positivity and good vibes where she goes, which is something that is special about females. She still has a strong feel good and can do attitude despite being the most ambitious person in the room. She leads by example, showing that if she can we all can. The standards she uses to measure herself are always the highest while she is still empathetic and understanding of everyone's individual situation. For me, she is the best leader and people manager. There is no one like her who understands the business game so well while also knowing how to manage people and bring the best out of them at the same time.