Karolina Korth

Head of Strategy and Chief Digitalization Officer
Siemens Mobility

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Mit welchem Digitalprojekt willst du dich in dieser Kategorie bewerben?

Project: Transform from the Inside: Be A Digital Entrepreneur at Siemens Mobility.
This is a comprehensive company program that is digitizing the company and allowing employees to understand and participate in the digitalization of the industry.
The program has following pillars:
1) Introduction of the Digital Academy to improve digital literacy. Which mean monthly learning session lead by internal expert inspired by lunch & learn from startup world. Allows selected employees to share & deepen their knowledge on different topics such as IoT, Cybersec, LEGO Serious Play, Agile, etc. & to build network within the company.
2) Roll out of the international Intrapreneurship Program to inspire & empower employees to act as entrepreneurs. The program allows employees to dedicate 20% of their time to validate & develop digital offerings. To support them, we teamed up with pre-accelerator and created our StartUp School, which is a 6 weeks entrepreneurship training.
3) Strengthening the Tech with purpose motto by collaborating with Foundation ONCE (Spanish association of disabled people) that allows us to better understand and address their specific needs for public transport.
4) Creating meaningful ecosystem with “The Future of mobility” Meetup open to StartUps, mobility players etc. to give additional learning & network opportunities to employees. To prevent organizational blindness and tunnel vision.
Thank you for encouraging me to participate. All the progress wouldn’t be possible with a support and help of my team with Elisa Mendivil and Estefania Mendez.

Welche Bedeutung hat die Digitalisierung für Deine Karriere?

When I was a high school kid together with a few friends we earned extra money in the summertime while sitting on various crossing in my home town and simply counting cars. That was back than a data collection method that municipalities used for the city planning. Nowadays I have a privilege to work in a multinational and co-create digital mobility solutions that make public transportation more sustainable and oriented to citizens’ needs. Only with the right usage of data and smart technologies we will be able to transform passenger experience and motivate citizens to leave their cars behind. Do you want to hear a concrete example? So far operators around the word assumed that mobility behaviors are very repetitive hence usage of historical data was good enough to plan e.g. metro schedule. But things has changed: with the recent flexibilization of working time and place and Covid19 related restrictions, passenger started to use public transport differently. That can mean that what we used to define as a peak hour does not hold anymore in some cities. With digitalization we helped to shape a new transport scheme truly demand based. In the last year I co-created, promoted and commercialized digital offerings that use real time data, ensure correct train frequency and social distance among passengers. Because mobility behaviors are no longer easy to predict and require numerous data points. In my career I am making sure that operators around the world collect, analyze, and use the data and digitalization in the way that will allow them to design better and smarter cities. Definitely much better than in my home town 20 years ago ;-)

Warum bist Du ein Digital Female Leader?

I am a Digital Female Leader because I am committed to sending the elevator down. Digitalization of the mobility sector is fascinating and complex topic that requires diversity and creativity. That is why I founded FeMale Voice in Mobility. An organization with following objectives:
1) Encourage young girls to engage with data and STEM by organizing company visits
2) Increase attractiveness of the mobility industry to ensure a proper female talent pipeline e.g. by organizing events for female MBA students
3) Establish a structured way to give more visibility to existing role models in the industry (monthly internal podcast and yearly international conference)
Currently only 20% mobility sector is female, but majority of users of public transport are women. And I truly believe that only by increasing diversity will allow us to create better and smarter cities.

Was Führung für mich bedeutet

Leadership is every extra mile done to recognize and activate employees' hidden talents.