Veronica Celis

CEO & Founder

Nominiert in der Kategorie: Social Hero

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Verónica’s company EnlightAID is the digital project bringing a great social impact by transforming the world of donations, which makes her a social hero.
A few years ago, Verónica had a dream to create her own organization to build sustainable schools for the most vulnerable children in Chile, and eventually, all of Latin America. But after learning how much from the donations disappear, she didn’t feel like donating. That is why she created EnlightAID. On a daily basis, aid and philanthropy send funds and other resources to the most vulnerable economies on our planet. But a large portion never reaches the causes they were intended for - some researches show 30% of all donations are lost to corruption. EnlightAID is a tech4good company with the mission to change that. She believes that transparency is key to make sure each donation gets to the right destination. This is why she has established the first platform -EnlightAID - that shows you when, where and on what each donation you give is used in real-time.
EnlightAID is aiming to make people increase their social impact for a sustainable world by bringing transparency on donations as well as creating a community of positive social impact and changemakers. She, as a social hero, is creating and fostering other social heroes.

Welche Bedeutung hat die Digitalisierung für ihre Karriere?

Verónica founded the online platform 'EnlightAID' to bring transparency to the work of foundations, NGOs and other social businesses. This is for her to engage the philanthropic world by digitalizing the aid projects, such as donations, by bringing transparency on their whole processes.
EnlightAID is an online platform to crowdfund, manage and execute aid projects transparently by showing the flow of money and what is done with it. It offers a “digital handshake” between donors and the organizations creating a social project, thus giving them the ability to communicate not only their spending but also the activities involved in creating a meaningful project.
Verónica is convinced that EnlightAID will engage a large portion of the humanitarian world and establish loyalty with its customers by changing how projects are carried out, ultimately increasing its participation in the market with proven results, and eventually transforming it.

Warum ist sie ein Digital Female Leader?

Verónica is a true digital leader who takes actions to make the world a better place with sustainability and humanity in mind. She spreads her good influence by her digital projects and presence. This is why she has been appointed as one of ‘Innovators under 35’ in 2020 by MIT Technology Review with being appreciated for her contribution to humanitarian causes. She is an innovator who uses science and technology to address problems caused by poverty, war or social inequalities to improve the lives of those most affected by these circumstances.
As the founder and CEO of EnlightAID - a Tech4Good company focused on bringing transparency to social and environmental work - she has been establishing working relationships with her clients and associates globally and coordinated her team as a core of the business. Furthermore, she has been a speaker, such as for TEDx, giving talks both in English and Spanish. She deals with various topics not only as the spokesperson of EnlightAID but also of extended scopes such as social entrepreneurship, Tech4Good, sustainable development and the ongoing fight against corruptions. Additionally, she is a LEED Green Associate by achieving the credentials and certificates based on the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Rating Systems.
All her activities are deeply aligned with her values for the whole society and makes her a digital leader for a better world.

Was Führung für sie bedeutet

Leadership to Verónica means to guide people to care about a better society for collective benefits by sharing the belief for the better world together.