Dr. Maha Hosain Aziz

Professor, Author & Cartoonist
NYU MA International Relations Program
Unternehmensart: University
Mitarbeiterzahl: 11 bis 50

Beworben in der Kategorie: Global Shero

Beschreibung des Projekts / Startups

Status des Projekts / Startups: Project is finished / startup is founded

My project is The Global Kid, the world’s first VR/AR political comic book to teach the next generation, particularly youth age 8-12+, about our global challenges – and their activist role in tackling them. It is unique because of the VR/AR educational elements. Through the female superhero character Tanya (inspired by my nieces!) and her canine sidekick Lucky (inspired by my rescue dog!), it educates kids about the world today and where we are headed in a post-pandemic era. This female-driven project involved my London-based partner: award-winning edtech startup Musemio, with Rome-based collaborator AR Market and artist Mara Angelilli. The Global Kid also supports global causes, e.g. helping nonprofit Global Citizen’s #StandUpForUkraine campaign to push world leaders to provide more refugee relief; donating a week's profits to the WHO’s Covid Fund during Omicron’s surge and another week’s profit to UNICEF's Ukraine Appeal.

Warum fördert Dein Projekt / Startup die Digitalisierung?

My comic book project promotes digitalization because of the unique edtech components of The Global Kid. The reader has a physical comic book to look at, but at various points can leverage the VR and AR phone or Ipad apps to enhance the educational experience. With the Musemio app, the reader can learn directly from The Global Kid superhero about the need for international interdependence, the value of democracy, how to navigate automation and create positive shared global values; with the AR Market app, the reader can literally see The Global Kid and Lucky fly off the page!

Der DFLA steht für neue Ideen und Wege für die heutige aber auch für die Generationen der Zukunft. Welche Wege möchtest Du für künftige Generationen ebnen?

The Global Kid sends the message to young readers that they have a key role to play in tackling our global challenges. Our governments can’t do it alone anymore. Experiencing my VR/AR comic, youth readers can start to think about new ways to tackle old problems for a better future. Here are two recent interviews: https://www.tatlerasia.com/power-purpose/ideas-education/dr-maha-aziz-the-global-kid-vr-ar-political-comic-book. https://medium.com/authority-magazine/social-impact-authors-how-why-author-dr-maha-hosain-aziz-of-the-global-kid-is-helping-to-fa716e2c9c2d