Sophia Wittrock

CEO & Co-Founder
pola UG
Unternehmensart: Start-up
Mitarbeiterzahl: 1-10

Nominiert in der Kategorie: E-Commerce / Retail

Beschreibung des Projekts / Startups

Status des Projekts / Startups:
Project is finished / start-up is founded

Sophia is Co-Founder and CEO at pola. It is an AI SaaS Tool that helps all kind of brands - especially ecommerce brands - to find the right content faces for their campaigns and formats with an AI-based matching process. Due to faster media consume on social media brands need skilled content faces for an effective, economical and authentic content production. Sourcing, booking and maintaining an authentic creator pool is a huge challenge and time consuming for every brand. pola's tools makes it easy. With over 10.000 users on the platform pola has a wide range of talents. On another note: pola pushes diversity and representation of every target group because they make it easy for creators/models to have a platform and easily find jobs without relying on an gate-keeping agency/management or network. Content faces don't pay a high as they would with a management/agency. It is the democratization of the creator economy.

Warum fördert ihr Projekt / Startup die Digitalisierung?

Especially in the model world agencies work in a very old school and manual manner. And even when you are looking for the right content creator the search is very time consuming. pola is an AI-based tool that helps every brands no matter the product and target group to find the most authentic and most suitable creators/models in seconds.

Der DFLA und das Motto "Be bold, be brave, be you" stehen für neue Ideen und den Mut, die Erste zu sein. Wo ist die Nominierte die Erste und Vorreiterin für andere oder einfach nur mutig genug, sie selbst zu sein?

It is not easy to be the CEO of a tech company since a lot of the pola tech team is male. Also the start-up and investor scene is very male dominated. With her presence on Linked-in she is encouraging other female founders and entrepreneurs to persue their dreams.