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Category Digital Transformation

The digital transformation today concerns almost all companies. But how can agility, digitalization and a new mindset best be implemented? In the “Digital Transformation” category, we’re looking for courageous women who can drive digital transformation in their organizations – whether they’re involved in initiatives, digitization projects, or even leading a company’s transformation as leaders.


Why does PAYBACK support the category Digital Transformation?

For us, this category is by far the most important and we are pleased to be able to support it. In the past few years, digital transformation has progressed incredibly fast in all areas of life and, of course, has also changed purchasing behavior. Retail must react to this in order to secure its own future. For some time now, we have therefore focused on supporting our partners in the digital transformation. Of course, we are also very curious about the ideas the applicants have in this category to convince us and the jury. We are looking forward to the exchange on this topic, which is essential for us.

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