Digital Female Leader X-Change 2024

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November 7th and 8th, 2024

What once began as an award ceremony has, over the last 6 years, evolved into a two day event full of inspiration, best practice examples, workshops, and emotions. Therefore, starting in 2024, the DFLA will become more than just an award; it will transform into a platform for diverse knowledge exchange, innovative agenda-setting, and engaging dialogues – not only for our community but for everyone who wants to make a difference. The DFLA is becoming DFLX.


This motto is for the bold and brave women who aren’t just shaping the economy but rewriting the game’s rulebook. Armed with their ideas and visions, they’re not just transforming our daily lives—they’re taking our work environment to the next level.

This is “Elevate the Game”—because these women don’t just play; they redefine the entire match!

#DFLX24 #GameChangers #ElevatetheGame

Foto: Daniel Sommer

“In recent years, our focus has been on getting women even more involved in the economy. Now, however, it is time not only to emphasize their presence, but also to make their voices heard and offer them the platform to actively shape power relations, systems, structures and the associated rules of the game. Our aim is not only to open doors, but also to have women at the table as equal decision-makers. It is one thing to be invited to the game and another to be allowed to play an active part.”

Tijen Onaran

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