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We are looking for women who offer real innovations to companies, and above all, women who offer real innovations in the field of sustainability. Only in this way can we guarantee long-term success. Do you focus on sustainability for yourself and above all in your company? Do you promote sustainability through various innovations? Then apply – because we are looking for you and your ideas for the category #SUSTAINABILITY!

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Why do you support the category Sustainability as a sponsor?

We do not wait for the world to change, we change it ourselves. With the #Sustainability category, we pay tribute to women who have the courage to break new ground, never lose faith in themselves and at the same time inspire other women . Always in focus: sustainable thinking and acting. They deserve the greatest visibility and an environment that is open to their ideas. Diversity is an essential factor, because rethinking, taking different perspectives, experimenting and learning from it is the key to success.

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