Category Sustainability

We are looking for women who offer real innovations to companies, and above all, women who offer real innovations in the field of sustainability. Only in this way can we guarantee long-term success. Do you focus on sustainability for yourself and above all in your company? Do you promote sustainability through various innovations? Then apply – because we are looking for you and your ideas for the category #SUSTAINABILITY!

wintershall dea

Why is WINTERSHALL DEA supporting the DFLA in the Sustainability category?

For us, acting sustainably always means acting innovatively and responsibly. As the leading European gas and oil company, we set industry standards – we search for and produce gas and oil in the most efficient and responsible way. For us sustainability provides the basis for our thoughts and actions. Ensuring security of supply while at the same time achieving climate targets is only possible if we drive innovation and promote sustainability, also through technological means. We are therefore delighted to support the Sustainability category as a partner company and are curious to see what ideas the candidates come up with!

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