Innovations that shape the future and improve life, exist in all industries. Sometimes you see them at first glance – but often this is not the case. This award is intend to change that. So if you believe that your idea can revolutionize the digital world, then this is your award!


Why does Amazon support the #innovation category?

We at Amazon are convinced that digital innovations need diverse perspectives and openness to new opportunities. Only in this way can we drive things forward with enthusiasm and offer the best solutions in the interests of customers. That’s why every day at Amazon is like day one. This means that we want to preserve the innovative spirit of a start-up – through a flexible and agile way of working. For us, this has a lot to do with speed, flexibility, innovative spirit as well as entrepreneurial and, above all, “digital thinking”. With the willingness to shape the future. And that’s exactly what we see with the women entrepreneurs who apply in this category: they want to design and tackle. And we want to support you in this!

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