E-Commerce / Retail

E-Commerce / Retail

In the #E-Commerce/Retail category, we are looking for women who simply enrich our lives with innovative products and services. Whether it’s music, film, an intelligent sports app or the app you use to book your accommodation in another city – you set trends with your project, provide inspiration, new impulses and first-class digital service. The distribution of your products and services takes place online or via app from the comfort of your home. More time to enjoy shopping and this independent of time and place!  That sounds like you? Then we are looking for you and your idea!

Why does Amazon support the
#E-Commerce/Retail category?

We at Amazon firmly belief that diversity, equity, and inclusion are simply right. We are conscious that customers represent a wide array of genders, races, ethnicities, abilities, ages, religions, sexual orientations and backgrounds, and so do we. We are thrilled to be able to highlight diverse innovators in ecommerce and retail with this category.