The Digital Female Leader X-Change (DFLX) is an extension of the Digital Female Leader Award (DFLA) and stands for a platform for diverse knowledge diverse exchange of knowledge, innovative agenda settings and exciting exciting dialogs for women in the digital world. Since 2018, the DFLA has developed into an inspiring event that recognizes women in leadership positions in the digital industry. The DFLX goes beyond that and opens the doors to anyone who wants to change in the digital landscape.

No, anyone can apply for or nominate for the DFLA, no matter which company she belongs to. Whether the company is a sponsor or partner of the DFLA has no influence on the application.

The award ceremony will take place during the DFLX on November 8 in Karlsruhe.

With the DFLX, we want to make visible women who embody innovative thinking, who are willing to grow beyond personal or social boundaries and whose ideas and projects have a positive impact on the world and drive it forward. We are looking for (current and future) leaders who go through life with a clear vision and use digital means to make this vision accessible to as many people as possible.

The DFLA is intended to recognize role models. The application/nomination is not limited to just one person. Furthermore, the application/nomination is not limited to one person per company. You can nominate as many inspiring personalities as you like!

No! The DFLA is international and open to personalities from all countries and fields. Last year there were 800 nominations from 41 different countries!

No, you can also apply in english.

Teams can also be nominated for the DFLA! When you apply/nominate, you can simply specify a main contact person and state in the subsequent application that you are nominating a team.

The application period runs from April 8 to May 13, 2024 at 11:59 pm. Until then, you can apply or nominate yourself and all your friends or colleagues who deserve the DFLA!

It’s simple – just fill out a short application form to nominate you or another person. This consists of just four short questions, about what makes you or your nominated person a Digital Female Leader and some contact details.

  • Describe your project (with which you want to apply) and its unique selling point briefly and concisely! (max. 150 words / 1100 characters)
  • What is the status of your project/startup with which you are applying for DFLA22?
  • Describe in a maximum of 3 sentences why your project promotes digitalization? (max. 100 words / 750 characters)
  • The DFLA stands for new ideas and ways for today but also for future generations. What paths would you like to pave for future generations? (max. 100 words / 750 characters)
  • OPTIONAL: Link to a short pitch video about the person and the project.
    (1) Maximum 1 minute
    (2) Content: who the person is and the unique selling point of their project.

On June 20, our jury will determine the winners of each category in the final jury voting.

Our jury consists of leading personalities from business and science. The members have expertise in a wide range of specialist areas in order to do justice to all applicants.

The DFLA offers all finalists and winners a great platform to make their stories visible. The finalists are presented in detail on all our channels and achieve great visibility. In addition to the physical award, there is also a small prize for each finalist – stay curious!

Our award categories are very broad, because digitisation is everywhere! We are looking for personalities in companies, politics and society who are driving digitalization forward and shaping it sustainably. So you don’t have to be a programmer or IT specialist to apply for the DFLA!

The DFLA is awarded in the categories:

  • Aufsteigerinnen
  • Beauty & Lifestyle
  • Digital Leadership
  • Digital Transformation
  • Diversity
  • E-Commerce / Retail
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Future of Energy
  • Global Shero
  • Health
  • Innovation
  • IT-Tech
  • Media / Communication
  • Mobility
  • New Work
  • Social Shero
  • Sustainability

The award categories are very broad. Digitization is a trend-setting topic for business and society and anyone who uses and promotes it can apply for or be nominated for the DFLA. If none of the categories seems to fit, don’t worry! In the application simply enter the category in which you see yourself or your nominee most likely. It is also possible to nominate for several categories.

The finalists of recent years are a diverse group of female founders, journalists, professors, managers, teachers and specialists from a wide variety of fields. Find out more about the DFLA 2023 here.

The award is presented by Global Digital Women (GDW) in cooperation with our partners. GDW is an international network of designers in the digital industry. The aim is to network, give visibility and strengthen the inspiring digital minds of our time. With GDW, we offer #femaledigitalheroes from companies, politics, associations and organizations a platform and space for exchange and visibility of their career paths. You can find more information about the work of GDW here.

You can sign up for our DFLA newsletter here. We also keep you regularly informed via LinkedIn and Instagram.

You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions.