The DFLA transforms into DFLX

The Digital Female Leader X-Change marks a significant step in the evolution of the DFLA and promises to create a platform for inspiration, knowledge sharing and networking that goes beyond the boundaries of the community.

Our vision is to bring female role models in business to the international stage as shining examples and to inspire the next generation.

With the DFLX, we aim to highlight women who embody innovative thinking, those ready to grow beyond personal or societal boundaries, and who exert a positive influence on the world with their ideas and projects. We are seeking (current and future) leaders who navigate life with a clear vision and utilize digital means to make this vision accessible to as many people as possible.

Be there live when it’s time to “Elevate the Game”!

DFLA23 Winners | Photo: Andrea Heinsohn

What to expect at DFLX24?

7th November, 2024: DFL-Forum

The Digital Female Leader Forum serves as a vibrant hub, offering more than just inspiration—it’s a platform for hands-on knowledge transfer. The event features a diverse program crafted to provoke thoughtful reflection and lively discussions. Beyond an impactful keynote and an engaging wrap-up panel, the spotlight is on hands-on workshops that delve into Sustainability, Diversity, Leadership, and Innovation. These interactive sessions are crafted to not only broaden participants’ understanding but also to generate practical solutions and foster meaningful dialogue. The ultimate objective of the DFL-Forum is to go beyond inspiration, providing concrete takeaways and fresh perspectives while creating opportunities for valuable networking with intriguing contacts.

7th November, 2024: DFL-Community Connect

In an exclusive setting, we organize the Digital Female Leader Community Connect— an intimate networking event designed for the DFLX community. Attendees include jury members, finalists, past winners, and specially invited guests from politics, business, and entertainment. This personalized event provides a space for casual interactions, encouraging inspiring discussions and fostering connections among attendees.

8th November, 2024: DFL – Lunch Club

The Digital Female Leader Lunch Club offers a fresh networking format in an intimate and personal setting. Thematic tables with a maximum of 15 people, led by experienced Table Captains, provide a unique networking experience. This new format allows participants to relaxed setting, exchanging thoughts on common interests and building connections, all while exploring the vibrant local restaurant scene.

8th November, 2024: DFL – Award Show

The Digital Female Leader Award Show, guided by the empowering theme “Elevate the Game,” guarantees an unforgettable experience, spotlighting 14 categories and a high-caliber panel. The Digital Female Leaders of 2024 will be the stars of the show, taking center stage in a celebration of their remarkable achievements. The evening unfolds with entertaining interactive experiences curated by our partners in the Lifestyle Area. Attendees are invited to immerse themselves in a world of Game Changers and Industry Disruptors, making the DFL Award Show more than just an awards event—it’s a celebration of innovation and a platform for connection in the ever-evolving landscape of digital leadership.

DFLA23 Impressions

Photocredit © Andrea Heinsohn