IT / Tech

Recent studies, like the “Women in Tech 2023” report, suggest that mixed teams, combining diversity in gender, background, and experience, lead to more creative and effective solutions. Yet, despite progress, women* still represent only a fraction of the IT industry. This is where we come in: In the IT-Tech category, we are looking for women* who shape the tech industry with innovations, coding, or technological solutions. Your impact could range from software development and cybersecurity to AI. If you lead projects that make tech more diverse and inclusive, or if you develop technologies that solve societal issues, we want to hear your story. Show us how you shape the future through your work in IT while also promoting greater equality in the tech world.

Why do you support the #IT-Tech category?

Deutsche Telekom’s involvement in the “IT-Tech” category underscores our commitment to diversity and inclusion as well as our efforts to support women in IT and strengthen their presence in this important sector.