Yolanda Sylvana Rother

Co-Founder and Managing Director
The Impact Company GbR
Unternehmensart: Start-up
Mitarbeiterzahl: 1-10

Nominated in the Category: Diversity

Description of the project / start-up

Status of the project / start-up:
Project is finished / start-up is founded

The mission of The Impact Company is to increase the economic participation of BIPoC (Black, Indigenious and People of Color) by impacting businesses’ goals, strategies and execution, benefitting both people and organizations.

Why does her project / start-up promote digitalisation?

We support companies in becoming more diverse - also in their digital presence. Whether during the recruiting process, in digital branding or on a digital marketing campaign, we offer digital solution approaches for diversity

The DFLA and the motto "Be bold, be brave, be you" stand for new ideas and the courage to be the first. Where is the nominee first and a pioneer for others or just brave enough to be herself?

As a daughter of a Jamaican mother who did not receive a high school degree, I am the first to go on to pursue a masters and then found a successful business. I am also brave enough because not only am I a business owner, a woman, a person of color, since 2022 I am also a mother. I am bold, I am brave, I am me!