Raena Ambani

The BigPA Initiative

Nominated in the Category: Sheroes

With which digital project do you want to apply in this category?

I aim to expose the women of rural villages in India to the world of digitization. I believe that women can be empowered by exposing them to newer opportunities. Teaching them how to use a computer, surf and educate themselves on the internet provides them with opportunities they did not know existed. It will bring them one step closer to stepping up for themselves and breaking the "social norms" that exist in these rural areas. The women of these villages are stripped of their rights to educate and work as they are forced to get married and take care of their households at a very young age. These norms can only be broken if the women are given a voice to speak up for themselves. This is my mission and my project.

How does digitization shape your/her career?

Starting a social enterprise in India at the age of 17 meant a lot of hurdles to overcome to be successful and be able to manage it. One of that was following my passion and studying at a university abroad. Through the ease of digitization I am able to speak to my employees and manage my business even while I am miles away.

What makes you/her a digital female leader?

As I mentioned earlier, I founded a social enterprise in India at the age of 17. This aims to empower rural women while curbing Industrial non-recyclable wastes by making upcycled products. With the profits, I hold workshops for the women of the rural villages to teach them how to use the computer, the internet, market products and sell them on online platforms like amazon. I have been managing this business while completing my degree at University in the U.K. Digitization has made it easy for me to keep in touch everyday and balance my education and work from miles away.

What does leadership mean to you/her?

For me, leadership means creating impact and bringing a smile to someones face. #SocialEnterprise