Freda Katunda


Applied in the category: Social Hero

With which digital project do you want to apply in this category?

LEAP is a healthcare e-Learning platform for Africa.

We partner with global organizations to provide quality, affordable health education through an intuitive, mobile-friendly platform.

LEAP seeks to assist in generating a larger healthcare workforce, while helping African and International institutions expand their reach.

We also align with the SDGs of Good Health and Quality Education, as well as with Africa's Agenda 2063 in an effort to create lasting health change in the continent.

How does digitization shape your career?

It allows for healthcare education to be accessible to anyone in Africa. I with one other female funder are building an EdTech platform to do exactly this. Our hope is to increase the number of healthcare workers across Africa while providing an affordable tertiary education alternative.

What makes you a digital female leader?

I am the co-founder of LEAP, an EdTech startup that provides contextualized healthcare education across Africa. I lead the collaborations between global university partnerships, all the way down to the online delivery of free and affordable courses through an intuitive, mobile-friendly platform. I use technology to build, research, educate, train, collaborate and lead!

What does leadership mean to you?

I lead my team with emotional intelligence, by being a good listener, a great communicator, and truly passionate about my cause. I am a straight-forward colleague, respectful peer, a well-educated leader that is highly driven by social impact.