Alex Gessner

Head of Onboarding Project Management
Solarisbank AG
Unternehmensart: StartUp
Mitarbeiterzahl: mehr als 500

Nominated in the Category: Diversity

Description of the project / start-up

Status of the project / start-up: Project is finished / startup is founded

Futura, the women's network at Solarisbank will shake up the fintech industry. We'll role model the way for others by having at least 30% women across ALL levels by 2024 and have already adapted our hiring processes. We run free monthly seaker series to provide a platform for voices that are usually unheard in this male-dominated space, we're publishing a quarterly report that keeps us honest, we're closing the Data Gap around: What do financial services and products need to look like so more women use them?

Why does her project / start-up promote digitalisation?

We're connecting women in fintech across Europe and our study will pave the way for anyone to offer digital banking and investment solutions developed for women.

The DFLA stands for new ideas and paths for today's but also for the generations of the future. What paths would the nominee like to pave for future generations?

To create a more inclusive fintech industry - a space that combines traditionally very male industries. We want to see more women founding fintechs, women leading fintechs, women working in fintechs and sitting in the boardroom.