Jury 2021

The Jury

Prof. Dr. Dr. Ann-Kristin Achleitner

TUM Distinguished Affiliated Professor & Member of the Supervisory Board at Linde, Munich Re | TU München, Linde, Munich RE

Diversity means to me:
Diversity is not just a question of gender and skin color. Diversity is also about origin, age, experience, education and much more. It is in the company’s interest to reflect and live diversity in all its dimensions.

Julia Bangerth


Diversity means to me:
Perceiving, recognizing – and celebrating diversity. This is how we make significantly better decisions. And this wonderful human mosaic enriches our world!

Thelma Buabeng


Diversity means to me:
My lived reality

Anna Budde

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer | NTT DATA DACH

Diversity means to me:
…a visible attitude of a corporate culture of tolerance, appreciation, equal opportunities and openness. By consistently promoting “be authentic at work”, we want to make the special skills of our employees visible and grow and be unique as a company through them. As a member of the Executive Board and Chief Marketing & Communications Officer of NTT DATA, I see us as a Trusted Global Innovator in a role model and drive transparency and measurability for diversity.
Diversity has a demonstrable, measurable, scalable positive business impact. It has a lasting impact on the areas of customers, markets and innovations, creates higher revenues and satisfaction, and above all it is one thing: Absolutely right.

Dr. Sophie Chung

CEO & Founder | Qunomedical

Diversity means to me:
… a colorful, open world.

Sarah Dovlo

VP Employer Branding and Internal Communication | Deutsche Telekom

Diversity means to me:
Mutual appreciation and recognition of different perspectives. If we promote a diverse mindset in collaboration, we can satisfy customer needs even better, create an inspiring working environment and thus drive innovation.

Silvia Eichelberg

Dr. Silvia Eichelberg

Chairwoman of the Board | Gothaer Krankenversicherung AG

Diversity means to me:
… to value the uniqueness of each person and to see the differences between people as an opportunity.
Diversity provides us with new opportunities and can counter the increasing complexity in companies, but also in our private lives, by offering us more perspectives. Diversity is an enrichment for all of us.

Kerstin Erbe

Kerstin Erbe

Managing Director| dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG

Diversity means to me:
For me, diversity means the acceptance and appreciation of all people with all their facets, needs and life concepts.

Kristina Fassler

General Managerin Marketing & Commercial Sales | WELT

Diversity means to me:
… the fascination of different perspectives and approaches to solutions and thus great happiness.

Sandra Freimuth

Head of Corporate Communications, Marketing, Talent Management, Organisationsentwicklung | Hauck & Aufhäuser

Diversity means to me:
Diversity is a key element for innovative corporate culture. If we only have people around us who are similar and share the same opinions, nothing new will emerge. This makes it all the more important that we set the right course for diversity in companies.

Laura Gehlhaar

Consultant, Coach

Diversity means to me:
… the visibility and acceptance of intersectionality.

Dr. Katrin Gruber

Director Consumer Insights & Innovation | Amazon

Diversity means to me:
To me, diversity means that everyone can raise their own voice to make our future better with their ideas – and that every single voice is heard.

Mag. Albert Hannak

Partner Financial Advisory | Deloitte Österreich

Diversity means to me:
To me, diversity means that creativity and innovation in different areas of life are fostered and elevated to a new dimension through the diversity of perspectives and points of view, making our lives more open, intelligent and heartfelt.

Gabriele Hässig

Managing Director Communication & Sustainability | Procter & Gamble DACH

Diversity means to me:
Openness in thinking.

Dr. Jan Ising

Managing Director, Life Science Industry Lead DACH & Gender Network Lead DACH | Accenture

Diversity means to me:
… the key to change, it makes us strong and is the driver of our innovative power.

Christian Pokropp

Christian Pokropp

Head of Corporate Communications, Head of Group HR | Klöckner & Co SE

Diversity means to me:
… using different perspectives for innovation.

Miriam Kotte

Head of Digitale Transformation | Deutsche Bahn AG

Diversity means to me:
… that my two nieces have the same professional opportunities as my two sons.

Alena Kretzberg

Divisional Director Digital Banking & Marketing | comdirect 

Diversity means to me:
… the mapping of our reality. We live in a world that is characterized by diversity. I would like us to see, recognize and shape this diversity. To achieve this, we must continue to work on strengthening role models. In the area of finance, we are already doing this with our finanz-heldinnen initiative. In all other areas, I am pleased about the strong cooperation with the DFLA.

Dr. Claudia Milbradt

Partner | Clifford Chance

Diversity means to me:
Diversity of knowledge and life experience

Brigitte Mohn

Board member | Bertelsmann Stiftung

Diversity means to me:
Creating a wide space for innovation and system change across the globe driven by justice and fairness.

Sabine Müller

CEO| DHL Consulting

Diversity bedeutet für mich:
To me, diversity means creating a workplace where everyone has equal opportunities and everybody’s voice has the same value.

Janina Mütze

Co-Founder and Managing Director | Civey GmbH

Diversity means to me:
Future. We are experiencing massive upheavals in our society. New technologies and business models are determining how we live. It is important to me that these ideas are shaped by as many people as possible for as many people as possible. Because now we are deciding how we will live in the future.

Daniel Nagel

CEO/Chairman | ohhh! foundation

Diversity means to me:
… shining a light on talent and celebrating our differences as a gift.

Claudia Oeking

Director External Affairs | Philip Morris GmbH

Diversity means to me:
… the basic framework of our democratic society, which we need to expand much more, so that the basic framework becomes a solid pillar.

Tijen Onaran

Founder & CEO | Global Digital Women

Why did you create the DFLA?
The Digital Female Leader Award shows: Digitalization depends on those who design it! We need more visible and diverse stories from digital pioneers, because role models motivate and inspire! I’m looking forward to all the stories at #DFLA 2021!

Juan Perea Rodriguez

Head of Sales Central Europe and CEO of Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH

Diversity means to me:
For me, diversity means first and foremost appreciation, without exclusions and prejudices.

Iris Rothbauer

Head of Public Relations | Telefónica Deutschland

Diversity means to me:
To me, diversity means treating each other with appreciation and respect and incorporating diverse perspectives, whether in a social, professional or private context – to the benefit of us all.

Birthe Stegmann

Partner Human Capital, Talent Acquisition, Inclusion & Diversity Leader | PwC GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

Diversity means to me:
… diversity. That which we all have in common.

Kerstin Wagner

Head of Talent Acquisition | Deutsche Bahn AG

Diversity means for me:
… the prerequisite for successful work! Mixed teams stand for diversity of opinion, robust decisions and encounters at eye level, reflect customer wishes better and, above all, enable innovation.

Sara Weber

Digital strategist, manager and journalist

Diversity means to me:
… that no one is the only person in the room who has to speak for an entire group.

Brigitte Zypries

Former Federal Minister | Self-employed

For me, diversity means:
… more justice and the key to economic success.